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June 8th-10th 2017, Bern - Switzerland

XIV Turku PET Symposium

May 27th-30th, Turku - Finland




Since it has been founded in 1985, Tema Sinergie has been dedicated to Design, Production and Service of shielded equipment and measuring instruments for a safe use of radioactive materials. 

Our main manufacturing activities are: PET equipment applications, Nuclear Medicine, Health Physics, Radiotherapy and Industrial Radiography. 

Since 1992 our company has been the Italian exclusive distributor for several world-wide leading and prestigious companies in the field of Radiotherapy, Diagnostic Radiology and Environmental Monitoring. 

Sinergie means a strict and cooperating interaction between produced and represented products, offering to customers a complete service according to their needs due to the high qualification of its personnel.

Tema Sinergie counts more than 1,500 customers all over the world among which are included Hospitals, Universities, Research Centres and Industries.